I became a bio-statistician by virtue of my pursuits in ecology – my undergraduate advisor, Dr. David Moriarty, and graduate advisor Dr. Matt Daugherty, are each talented biostatisticians. As an undergraduate, coursework in ecology, biometrics, and community ecology provided a foundation in experimental design, univariate statistics, multivariate statistics, non-parametric methods and ordination. In graduate school, I completed advanced studies in analysis of variance, structural equation modeling, and introductory bayesian methods.

In my own work, I regularly employ univariate analyses (e.g. goodness-of-fit), analysis of variance, regression (linear, multiple, multinomial, & logistic), generalized linear models (including mixed-effects), ordination (e.g. principal components analysis, non-metric multi-dimensional scaling), and others.

As a consultant at the UC Riverside Graduate Quantitative Methods Center, I provide guidance, feedback, encouragement and support to other graduate students working through data analysis. I also design and lead workshops on various statistical methods and programming/software. Current UC Riverside graduate students and post-doctoral scholars can schedule a consultation with Sarah here.